When searching for an online learning and development consultant for Microsoft Office, you may run into a lot of hurdles.

Online Learning Helps When:

  • You may not have time to send your employees to training.
  • Live training sessions may be too expensive.
  • Training time cuts into production, which is problematic with an already limited budget.
  • A live seminar just gives you the information once, and that’s all you get for your money.

With our online Microsoft Office training, we address each of these issues and give you a program that really fits what you’re after.

Constant Information

Using an online consultant for Microsoft Office training means that you can constantly get in touch with us and get assistance when needed. After the webinars are live, we upload the recorded videos so you can watch them repeatedly. We create shorter videos on specific issues and questions. Then, we upload reference sheets and informational tools. Finally, we give you 24/7 access to this online content. This is more than just online Microsoft Office training. It’s information you can use endlessly.

Time and Expenses

Using our system to get a learning and development consultant for Microsoft Office also cuts back on the time it takes to train your employees, as it’s all done on the Internet, and they can do as much or as little as fits into the schedule. Even the longest webinars run from 30-60 minutes. They’re packed with useful information, but they’re cost-effective and they can fit into your schedule. Online learning for Microsoft Office gives you the flexibility that you need.

Contacting Us

What we’re offering can change the way you train your employees, and we’ve won multiple awards for our services. We have CPLS certification, meaning we’re Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions, and we are a Silver Learning Microsoft Partner. You can trust us to have both the experience and expertise that you’re after.

If you’re looking for a learning and development consultant for Microsoft Office, please call the number listed below today. We’d love to start working with you and showing you how our program can help your employees succeed.


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