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Excel 2013 | Formatting Chart Data Labels

There are numerous options related to the design of the data labels in your Excel 2013 chart.
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Excel Errors in the News – Don’t make these mistakes

What do a study used the world over to justify government monetary policy, $6.2 Billion in trading losses, and a State Office of Education student enrollment estimate have in common? Each made headlines in part because they contain common, avoidable errors in Microsoft’s widely used spreadsheet program; Excel.

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PowerPoint 2010 | Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks let you jump to other locations, such as a web page or picture, while presenting.
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Access 2010 | Password Encrypt a Database

Prevent unauthorized use of an Access database by encrypting the database with a password.
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Outlook 2010 | Using Outlook Email Signatures

Use the Signature option in Outlook 2010 and quickly add signature information at the end of every e-mail you send.
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Excel 2010 | Using the IF Function

Within the Logical Function Library in Excel, you will find the “IF function”. This function allows you to provide different “Values” based on a condition.
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Project 2010 | Create a Project Plan Template

As you manage projects, you may employ certain settings and elements repeatedly. Rather than having to apply these with every new project, create a permanent template.

Follow the steps below to create a Project plan template in Microsoft Project 2010.
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Outlook 2010 | Basics

Outlook provides quick access to more than just E-mail. Here you can find To-Do lists, the People Pane, and more.
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Access 2010 | Report Types

Access 2010 provides several types of reports for sharing information from the database with other users. The report types available are:

  • Standard Report
  • Labels
  • Blank Report
  • Report Wizard
  • Report Design

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Access 2010 | Help

If you need help while working in Microsoft® Access, the following resources are available:
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