Excel 2010 | Add Secondary Chart Axes

With the addition of a secondary axis, Excel allow you easily compare data.

Adding a Secondary Y-Axis

secondary axis

  1. Click the chart.
  2. Click on the data series that will become the secondary axis.
  3. On the Chart Tools Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click the Format Selection button.
  4. In the Format Data Series dialog box, in the Plot Series On section, choose the Secondary Axis radio button.
  5. Click the Close button.

Change Chart Type

change chart type

  1. On the Chart Tools Design tab, in the Type group, click the Change Chart Type button.
  2. In the Change Chart Type dialog box, click the appropriate chart type.
  3. Click the OK button.

Adding a Secondary Y-Axis


    1. On the Chart Tools Layout tab, in the Axes group, click the Axes button.
    2. In the Axes drop down list, hover over Secondary Horizontal Axis or Secondary Vertical Axis.
    3. Make a choice from the appropriate drop down list.
Note: If your target Axis is not on the drop down list, choose More Options.
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Learn How To Add a Secondary Chart Axis in Excel 2010
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