Excel 2007 | Merging Excel Workbooks

Want to combine data from one Workbook into a new one? Hop past the jump to find out how.

Merge Content into a New Workbook

  1. On the Quick Access toolbar, click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button, and then click the More Commands option.
  2. In the Excel Options dialog box, in the Choose commands from drop-down list, click the Commands not in the Ribbon option.
  3. Locate and click the Compare and Merge Workbook command, click the Add button and then click the OK button.
  4. Open the copy of the shared workbook into which you want to merge changes.
  5. On the Quick Access tool bar, click the Compare and Merge Workbooks button.
  6. In the Select Files to Merge Into Current Workbook dialog box, select all copies of the shared workbook containing changes to be merged.
  7. Click OK.

image0031Note: Cells that have been modified are marked with a black triangle. Place the mouse over the cell to view the change.



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